FPX Nickel Outlines World’s Largest Integrated Nickel Sulphate Operation for EV Battery Supply Chain

Mining Stock Education · FPX Nickel Outlines World’s Largest Integrated Nickel Sulphate Operation for EV Battery Supply

FPX Nickel (TSXV:FPX; OTC:FPOCF) CEO Martin Turenne explains the results of an internal engineering scoping study evaluating the production of nickel sulphate for the electric vehicle battery supply chain from the high-grade awaruite nickel concentrate to be produced by the Company’s Baptiste Nickel Project in central British Columbia.  The Study highlights FPX’s potential to develop the world’s largest integrated nickel sulphate production facility, linking the Company directly into the EV battery supply chain via the production of low-cost, low-carbon nickel sulphate over Baptiste’s projected 35-year mine life.

“This scoping study demonstrates that Baptiste could become a globally significant producer of low-cost, low-carbon nickel for electric vehicles for decades to come,” commented Martin Turenne, FPX’s President and CEO.  “Baptiste’s awaruite nickel mineralization has clear technical advantages over sulphide and laterite ores for producing nickel sulphate, offering a lower-cost, lower-carbon path from mine-to-market in the EV battery supply chain. Given its extremely high nickel content (over 60% nickel) and low levels of impurities, our high-grade nickel concentrate has distinct advantages over low-grade nickel sulphide concentrates (under 20% nickel), and is already comparable to intermediate nickel sulphate feedstocks like mixed hydroxide precipitate, mixed sulphide precipitate, or nickel matte.

“We look forward to continued engagement with downstream participants in the EV battery supply chain, including chemical companies, battery makers and automotive OEMs, and expect to incorporate the results of this internal scoping study into the next stage of formal project study for Baptiste, with a new National Instrument 43-101 technical report anticipated in the first half of 2023.”

0:00 Introduction

1:42 Inflation Reduction Act increases demand for North American nickel production

4:11 Not enough nickel to meet politician’s EV goals

5:47 Baptiste deposit best-case scenario production in 2029-2030

7:22 Internal Baptiste scoping study highlights

10:22 Working with downstream battery makers & automotive manufacturers

12:14 EV manufacturers need battery metal miners

14:00 FPX Nickel’s valuation

15:35 FPX can become a top 5 Canadian cobalt producer

16:58 CO2 Lock Corp. spin-out company

20:06 Van target step-out drill program

22:33 Upcoming catalysts

24:31 Treasury and burn rate

Press release discussed: https://fpxnickel.com/2022/09/fpx-nickel-scoping-study-outlines-development-of-worlds-largest-integrated-nickel-sulphate-operation-for-ev-battery-supply-chain-at-baptiste-project-in-british-columbia/

FPX Nickel Presentation: https://fpxnickel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/FPX-Nickel-Corporate-Presentation.pdf

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