Lithium Market Fundamentals Explained by Mining Analyst Koby Kushner (Bubble or Bull Market?)

Mining Stock Education · Lithium Market Fundamentals Explained by Mining Analyst Koby Kushner (Bubble or Bull Market?)

The lithium market has been on the forefront of this worldwide electrification  boom. Lithium’s inherent physical qualities make it invaluable to batteries and thus, vital for this major paradigm change. In this interview with Red Cloud Securities’ mining analyst, Koby Kushner, we cover the basics of the lithium market: deposit types, production, end products, security of supply and market dynamics heading into 2023. Not unlike the other battery metals, security of supply appears to be the biggest driver of price appreciation. Listen to Kushner overview of the lithium market’s state of supply. Interview hosted by Brian Leni of Enjoy!

0:00 Introduction

0:35 Lithium basics: Deposit types, how they were formed, breakdown of production

2:30 Clay deposits, why aren’t any in production?

3:34 Uses for lithium outside of batteries?

4:28 Lithium end products delivered to the battery makers?

4:50 Hydroxide versus carbonate?

6:50 Lithium substitution in the future?

9:17 Security of supply?

10:50 Canada as a jurisdiction for lithium exploration and development

13:10 Direct Lithium Extraction Technology

17:15 Impact of the lithium triangle on the lithium market

18:48 Is there a big difference technologically and economically between the hard rock and brine source of lithium?

22:01 EU’s lithium supply?

23:47 Recap the lithium market in 2022

26:05 Could a recession de-rail the lithium market in 2023?

28:40 Where’s the best place to track the lithium price?

30:01 Red Cloud Financial Services Offering – Pre-PDAC conference?

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