“Sub-$100/barrel Oil Never Again” Explains Oil Analyst Shubham Garg

Mining Stock Education · “Sub-$100/barrel Oil Never Again” Explains Oil Analyst Shubham Garg

Shubham Garg is the CEO & Founder of White Tundra Resources and White Tundra Investments. Producing Oil & Gas in a profitable, environmentally sustainable, and fun way is Shubham’s true passion. Having worked in the field throughout his career, he is using his boots-on-the-ground knowledge mixed with his detailed financial analysis and education in petroleum engineering to achieve long-term capital growth. His industry contacts and conversations with management allow him to feel confident in his in-depth valuations and offer deep insight into their operations.

Shubham is currently managing White Tundra Investments’ portfolio focused on undervalued Canadian Oil & Gas E&P’s. White Tundra operates on a concentrated model with 30-60% of our portfolio invested in one leveraged high-torque equity, 30-60% on a basket of low-growth cash-flow generating equities, and 10% on high potential small-cap and junior companies with unique technology, excellent operational performance and strong management teams. White Tundra is also Shubham’s next step in sharing his knowledge and simplifying Oil & Gas investing in order to attract more interest in the sector from those employed in our industry, retail investors, millennials, and ESG-focused investors.

0:00 Introduction

2:00 Shubham’s expertise

6:34 Addressing Oil Bear Thesis

13:39 Oil supply side

21:43 ESG & green transition=oil demand destruction?

27:40 Forced transition away from hydrocarbons not realistic

30:50 Oil price forecast for 2023?

34:20 Sub-$100/barrel oil never again

35:15 This oil cycle is a “sustained shift upward”

36:40 Geopolitical events impact on long-term oil price?

40:14 How to follow Shubham online

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