How Rick Rule Found a 100-Bagger Mining Stock ($0.19 to $19.00/share)

Mining Stock Education · How Rick Rule Found a 100-Bagger Mining Stock ($0.19 to $19.00/share)

Rick Rule shares how he a found a dramatically mispriced opportunity in the junior mining sector which became a 100-bagger from his entry point. The stock ran from $0.19/share to $19.00/share.  Throughout this 40-minute discussion with Bill Powers and Brian Leni of, Rick offers sage mining stock investing advice on a range of topics.

0:00 Introduction

0:42 Was your “2022 is the year of the explorer” prediction correct?

2:22 Rick found a 100-bagger

7:00 Rick Rule on “what’s the highest and best use of my capital?”

13:22 Rick on “uranium in the ground” NFT

14:15 Sprott Physcial Uranium Trust

18:32 Sprott Phycial Silver Trust arbitrage opportunities

19:08 Senior Precious Metal-only producers in the future?

20:47 CSA now allows financings without a prospectus or 4mo hold on stock

22:28 Rick on risks

26:28 Your best friend on Howe Street and Bay Street is a dog

30:00 Rick’s Silver Bootcamp upcoming

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Rick will review your portfolio via his website

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