Expert Advice for Predictable Junior Mining Stock Profits with Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell

Mining Stock Education · Expert Advice for Predictable Junior Mining Stock Profits with Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell

“In our sector [junior mining] it’s never different. And so its very, very predictable corporate behavior and investment behavior. It’s trying to having a layer of objectivity to understand where you are in that cycle and invest accordingly. And so when you start to see, I’ll call it ‘low-risk M&A’, that’s normally the sign that you are at the beginning of a sustained movement in the underlying commodity price and obviously those equities tend to follow that,” shared Dr. Adshead-Bell

Nicole Adshead-Bell is the Director of Cupel Advisory. She is a PhD geologist by trade and has worked in the resource sector for more than 24 years. Her roles within the sector have varied from analyst to M&A facilitator to junior resource company board member. In this interview, Nikki provides commentary on a number of topics such as the current M&A market, risk in the market, importance of selling and a few comments on Hot Chili and Bravo Mining.

0:00 Intro

3:24 – Mega M&A deals in the resource sector

6:27 – Does financial market risk affect the M&A market?

8:51 – Where does jurisdiction rank in importance when it comes to M&A?

10:35 – Risk in the market

12:50 – External versus internal risk

19:10 – Metal price bet and outlook for profit

21:10 – Equity valuations in the current market

25:25 – What would a recession’s effect on copper price be?

27:12 – What’s the biggest risk to the copper bull thesis?

28.50 – Are you a value investor?

31:05 – How important is learning how to sell?

32:43 – How big of a concern is confirmation bias?

36:45 – Overview of Hot Chili and Bravo Mining

46:30 – Does value trump jurisdictional risk?

52:57 – Is a mineral resource a limiting news event?

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