Regenx Begins Exponential Growth Phase: $30M to $1B Market Cap over 3-4yrs says CEO Greg Pendura

Mining Stock Education · Regenx Begins Exponential Growth Phase: $30M to $1B Market Cap over 3-4yrs says CEO Greg Pendura

Regenx Tech Corp. (TSXV:RGX, OTCQB:RGXTF, FRANKFURT:J64:GR) just commissioned module one of a four module plant in Tennessee. Commercial production from module one is expected to begin within 90 days.  This is the first of a minimum of four plants Regenx expects to build throughout the USA. Each plant will yield around US$15mm/year and clean tech companies can expect to receive a 15x cashflow multiple. Some clean tech companies over a billion-dollar market cap receive a 60x multiple. CEO Greg Pendura says that as Regenx executes its growth plan over the next 3-4 years the company’s market cap should rise from its C$30mm market cap to over $1billion.

Regenx has proprietary clean technology which it is employing at its plant in Tennessee to recover platinum and palladium from used diesel CCs.  Historically, smelting has been the dominate commercial method to recover Pd and Pt from used CCs. But smelters have a limited capacity, are environmentally hazardous and now refuse to accept diesel CCs due to the processing inefficiencies they create.  This opens up a projected US$39.3 billion per year used diesel CC market by 2025.

Regenx is poised to capitalize on the massive opportunity in the used diesel CC market via its processing and supply chain competitive advantages. First, Regenx has, via its proprietary technology, an ability to precipitate Pt and Pd into concentrate and recover about 90% of the metals in an environmentally-friendly manner.  Second, Regenx has an exclusive partnership with Davis Recycling which will provide more spent diesel CCs than the company will initially be able to process.


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