How to Turn Rocks into Money with Junior Mining Stock Pro Rick Rule

Mining Stock Education · How to Turn Rocks into Money with Junior Mining Stock Pro Rick Rule

“I tried to teach them [geologists Rick hired to work for his brokerage] how to turn rocks into money. And the best way to teach somebody how to turn rocks into money, is not by merely doing geology. But rather by understanding how the geology will increase the value of the company and as a consequence, hopefully its share price,” shared resource investing veteran Rick Rule. In this episode, Rick also shares many junior mining speculating insights and tips.

0:00 Introduction

0:50 Worst junior mining market in your career?

2:09 Equinox Gold Corp. struggles

4:27 When will investors believe developers can be successful again?

5:40 How many people worldwide actually care about daily junior mining stock speculation?

7:28 Promotional CEOs often receive a lower cost of capital

8:12 Do you agree with the UEC short report?

8:53 Rick experience going head-to-head with shorters

10:24 Battle Bank

14:02 Have you known successful, self-directed jr mining speculators that did not like geology?

15:54 Rick strategically hired geologists

18:13 Rule Symposium: turn rocks into money

22:07 Rick’s invitation to rate your portfolio

Rule Symposium

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