“We Can Hit Gold $2300 in The Next 12 months” says Fund Manager Ronald-Peter Stoeferle

Mining Stock Education · “We Can Hit Gold $2300 in The Next 12 months” says Fund Manager Ronald-Peter Stoeferle

Fund Manager and Co-Author of the In Gold We Trust report Ronald Stoeferle believes the gold price will reach all-time highs, in USD terms, in the next 12 months. Stoeferle discusses a number of topics from the 2023 edition of the IGWT report.  These topics include: where interest rates are headed, why Japan hasn’t seen much inflation despite high levels of QE, 2022 gold consumption and much more.

Ronald Stoeferle is a Fund Manager for Incrementum and is an expert in all things gold related. IGWT is a must read for all gold investors – https://www.incrementum.li/en/ingoldwetrust-report/

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0:00 Introduction

0:44 Threat of further interest rate hikes in 2023 is merely verbal posturing or is it a real threat?

3:31 Breaking point between rising interest rates to quell inflation and government spending?

6:35 Crack up Boom scenario?

8:30 Is gold exceeding price expectations today?

10:33 If monetary inflation equals inflation, why has it taken decades for Japan to see it?

13:52 Gold consumption in 2022 – prelude to gold backed BRIC currency?

20:12 Does the petro-Yuan’s convertibility into gold have an effect on price?

22:50 East versus West is it really U.S. versus China?

27:41 What does it mean to have a gold backed currency in the future?

30:11 What will be the factor that brings CBDCs into use?

32:14 Why is a US CBDC a threat to the current USD system?

35:02 Where is the gold price headed?

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