“I Ain’t Selling Gold Stocks…Bargains Are Stunning” says Fund Manager Lawrence Lepard

Mining Stock Education · “I Ain’t Selling Gold Stocks…Bargains Are Stunning” says Fund Manager Lawrence Lepard

Gold stock fund manager and Austrian economist Larry Lepard shared, “It’s tough. The gold stock climate is as bad as I’ve seen it. But I ain’t selling. I ain’t selling. In fact, I’m moving around and selling some of the things that have not been hit quite as bad to buy some of the real bargains that I see. The bargains out here are just stunning. It does not feel good to buy in these kinds of conditions. But history says that if you do buy in these kinds of conditions, you can be very well rewarded for it.”

Lawrence Lepard runs Equity Management Associates, LLC, an investment partnership which has focused on investing in precious metals since 2008. Prior to EMA, Mr. Lepard spent 25 years as a professional investor and venture capitalist. From 1991 to 2004 he was one of two Managing Partners at Geocapital Partners in New Jersey which managed six venture capital partnerships, the last of which was $250 million. Geocapital was very active in technology, software and computer investing and invested heavily in the internet starting in 1993. Geocapital was the lead investor in Netcom, Inc., the first internet service provider to complete an IPO in 1996. Prior to Geocapital Mr. Lepard spent 7 years as a General Partner at Summit Partners in Boston, MA. Summit is a large venture capital and private equity firm. He was employee number 4, joining 1 year after Summit was launched. Mr. Lepard holds an MBA with Academic Distinction from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Colgate University

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Gold and gold stock commentary
11:52 When does buying “too early” mean you’re wrong?
15:25 Larry invests in jurisdictions all over the world
16:22 Lion One and tradable warrants
17:45 Developers forming JVs to advance projects
20:16 Rise Gold commentary
22:20 When will investors reward mine builders again?
27:23 Final thoughts from a seasoned gold stock investor

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