CM-Equity AG & Karbon-X Partner to Offset 36 Metric Tonnes of CO2 Emissions

CALGARY, AB and MUNICH, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2023 / CM-Equity AG, a leading investment firm specializing in capital markets and fundraising, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Karbon-X, a pioneer in carbon offset initiatives. Through this partnership, CM-Equity commits to annually offset all carbon emissions associated with its power usage, general operations, and company vehicles. This initiative aligns with CM-Equity’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The carbon offsets provided by Karbon-X are certified by Verra under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the world’s leading greenhouse gas crediting program. The Verified Carbon Standard Program drives financial support towards activities that reduce and remove emissions while improving livelihoods and protecting nature. VCS projects have successfully reduced or removed nearly one billion tons of carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

CM-Equity’s commitment to offset 36 Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) through Karbon-X is equivalent to offsetting 36 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions. These offsets will be generated through the Uzundere Hydroelectric Power Plant Project in Turkey, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Michael Kott, CEO of CM-Equity, stated “I am very proud of our move to offset all carbon emissions from our operations as a pan-Europe licenced financial institute. Hereby we have teamed up with Karbon-X which is one of the global leading, vertically integrated, and certified carbon-credit and carbon-offset platform for B2B and B2C. Together with their leadership team we are not only able to offset our own carbon footprint but encourage others and our corporate clients to follow our example to become a lighthouse movement for multiple industries.”

“As the CEO of Karbon-X, I am thrilled to see CM-Equity’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Their dedication to annually offsetting their carbon emissions is a shining example of corporate leadership in the fight against climate change. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and pave the way for a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.” – said Chad Clovis, CEO of Karbon-X

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program is renowned for its rigorous rules and requirements, adaptability to new scientific and regulatory developments, and transparent project information available on the Verra Registry. This ensures that emissions reductions and removals are real, measurable, additional, permanent, independently verified, conservatively estimated, uniquely numbered, and transparently listed.

Karbon-X, through its innovative app and projects, empowers individuals and organizations to take action against climate change. Their mission is to enable people to make a positive impact on the environment by offsetting their carbon footprint and supporting projects that reduce emissions.

CM-Equity and Karbon-X invite other businesses and organizations to join them in taking meaningful steps towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

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