Custom Cones USA Launches Innovative Direct-to-Consumer Pre-Roll Accessory Brands

Custom Cones USA Elevates Cannabis Compliance and Transparency Standards with New B2C Pre-Roll Cones With DaySavers, Smoke Temple, and Fill-a-Blunt Brands

Custom Cones USA, Direct-to-Consumer Brands

KENT, Wash., Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Custom Cones USA, a leading pre-roll cone industry trailblazer known for being the most compliant pre-rolled cone manufacturer for cannabis enterprises, today announced the official launch of the company’s first direct-to-consumer brands DaySavers, Smoke Temple and Fill-a-Blunts. The newly launched consumer brands represent the most compliant and tested rolling papers in the cannabis market. Custom Cones USA has introduced all three brands with the intent of setting a new standard for compliance, transparency, and safety for pre-roll smoking accessories; rigorously tested for heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides, commonly found in mainstream rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. With an unwavering commitment to testing, DaySavers, Smoke Temple and Fill-a-Blunts go above and beyond the testing and compliance standards set for regulated hemp and cannabis companies. DaySavers, Smoke Temple and Fill-a-Blunts products are available for purchase at and for wholesale.

Custom Cones USA, Direct-to-Consumer Products

DaySavers: Simply Superior Smokewares

DaySavers is rooted in its dedication to crafting products made with premium ingredients, while rigorously mitigating dangerous toxins. With a mission to elevate the standards of trust, DaySavers proudly includes a QR code with educational lab test results with each product, setting a new bar for honest labeling and ensuring customers know exactly what they’re getting. DaySavers customers can expect innovative filter tip designs, a variety of pre-roll paper offerings, and product releases that elevate the smoking accessory category.

DaySavers product offerings include pre-rolled tubes made from Ultra-Fine European rolling papers, featuring a spiral-wrapped paper filter tip. This design ensures a smooth, slow-burning, and taste-neutral smoking experience that is second to none. DaySavers Ultra-Refined White Artisan Tubes and Natural Brown Artisan Tubes are available in packs of 10 or 20. The DaySavers Perfect Pack includes Pre-Roll Tubes & Cone Filling Machine, the only cone-filling machine on the market specifically designed to work with cannabis. Instead of compression used in cigarette tube filling machines, this machine uses an innovative method to perfectly pack the cannabis all the way to the filter end and allows consumers to customize the compression to their specifications, eliminating the need to tap and repack. The Perfect Pack is a great tool for those looking for an easy way to make their own joints – after loading the machine, all you have to do a press a button, and you’ll have the perfect joint in a matter of seconds. From start to finish, the Perfect Pack can pack three pre-rolled cones in a minute, so you can spend less time rolling joints and more time at the party!

Smoke Temple: The Pre-Roll Cross Cone

Smoke Temple is the gateway to a world where high quality meets luxury, where the act of smoking is transformed into an art form, and where the packaging itself is a masterpiece. Smoke Temple is dedicated to curating a collection of pre-roll smoking accessories that redefine what it means to indulge in cannabis.

The Cross Cone by Smoke Temple is truly a work of art. The iconic design makes it easier than ever to make and enjoy your very own cross joint with a group of friends. No longer is rolling a perfect cross joint a challenge, simply remove the paper inserts, fill it with cannabis, and ask a friend to help you light all 3 sides at once. Consider the Smoke Temple Cross Cone the perfect stoner gift – it’s a conversation starter and a party enhancer. With its slow-burning paper and 3 grams of flower capacity, this joint invites everyone to join in, puff, and pass, creating a memorable experience. The Cross Cone is just the beginning of the Smoke Temple journey. Stay tuned, as Smoke Temple continues to unveil a range of products that center around the essence of luxury, art, and an elevated smoking ritual.

Fill-a-Blunts: Fills Easy, Smokes Easy

Fill-a-Blunts is dedicated to perfecting the craft of rolling blunts by making it effortless and enjoyable for blunt enthusiasts everywhere. Fill-a-Blunts specializes in creating easy-to-fill premium blunt tubes and wraps with unique tips and filter options. Crafted from the finest ultra-slow burning hemp wrap available, these premium blunt tubes are completely devoid of nicotine and tobacco. The innovative spiral paper filter tip not only ensures a smooth and consistent draw but also an unadulterated flavor, allowing the full appreciation and richness of the cannabis herb. Fill-a-Blunts also offers 3-packs of glass and wood filtered pre-rolled blunts, with many new products on the way.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a new era of transparency and compliance to cannabis enthusiasts,” said Harrison Bard, Co-Founder & CEO of Custom Cones USA. “Our journey began with a simple but powerful vision: to offer cannabis consumers a simply superior smoking experience, one that’s not only enjoyable, but also clean and transparent. Cannabis itself is tested and held to strict standards, but the rolling papers and smoking accessories are not. With, we’ve put those strict regulations and levels of testing on ourselves.” Expert Smoke Panel

Taking it a step further, all products are tested and reviewed by the company’s Expert Smoking Panel, which consists of cannabis industry leaders and experts. The feedback helps DaySavers innovate and assure customers all products meet industry expert standards.

DaySavers, Smoke Temple and Fill-a-Blunts products are available for purchase at

About DaySavers
DaySavers, by Custom Cones USA, is the most compliant and transparent rolling paper brand on the market, by holding itself to the same compliance standards as regulated cannabis companies. DaySavers tests for heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides on all of their products. These pre-rolled tubes are made with Ultra-Fine European rolling papers and a spiral paper filter tip to ensure a smooth, slow-burning, and flavorless smoking experience. DaySavers items are available for wholesale, through its website.

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