“Lithium is the New Oil” says Battery Metals Analyst Frank Nikolic

Mining Stock Education · “Lithium is the New Oil” says Battery Metals Analyst Frank Nikolic

“Lithium is the New Oil” says battery metals analyst Frank Nikolic. He is the CRU Group’s VP North America, Base & Battery Metals. Frank is focused on providing thought leadership and industry guidance across the commodity spectrum. In particular, he focuses on the energy transition and how firms should respond over the next decade to navigate the challenges and maximize the strategic opportunities it creates.  In this interview Frank gives his view on the metals most impacted by the energy transition, dealing with security of supply, environmental permitting hurdles and much more.

0:00 Introduction

0:40 Frank’s background

3:00 Which of energy generation, energy storage and transmission, and transportation is lacking in terms of investment?

6:30 Metals most impacted by the move to renewable energy?

8:34 Security of supply

13:00 Environmental Permitting

17:04 Nuclear Power inclusion in the decarbonization of energy

20:16 Cathode metals, which are you most bullish on?

22:00 “Lithium is the new oil”

23:08 Impact of DLE to Lithium market?

29:10 Metal price appreciation versus cost of living

33:30 Oil Super Majors diving into hard rock mineral exploration

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