Gold Stock Opportunity Magnitude: “I’ve Never Seen a Situation Like This” says Pro Michael Gentile

Mining Stock Education · Gold Stock Opportunity Magnitude: “I’ve Never Seen a Situation Like This” says Pro Michael Gentile

Strategic resource investor Michael Gentile believes investors are being offered a historic opportunity in the gold stocks right now.  He offers a wide range of junior mining stock investing advice in this 40-minute discussion with Bill Powers. From 2003 to 2018 Mr. Gentile worked as a professional money manager at Formula Growth Limited, an independent investment management firm established in Montreal in 1960 with a long-term track record of creating investor wealth. While at Formula Growth his main sector focus was the mining and natural resource sectors. In 2012, Mr. Gentile became the co-manager of the Formula Growth Alpha Fund, a market neutral hedge fund focused on small to mid-cap equities. From 2011 to 2018 the Formula Growth Alpha Fund became one of the largest market neutral funds in Canada, growing its assets under management to over $650 million by the end of 2018. In October 2018, Mr. Gentile retired from full time money management in order to be able to spend more time with his family. Subsequently, he remains a very active investor in the mining space owning significant stakes in several small-cap mining companies and is currently a strategic advisor to Radisson Mining Resources (TSX.V: RDS) and a board member of Roscan Gold Corporation (TSX.V: ROS) and Northern Superior Resources (TSX.V: SUP).

0:00 Introduction

0:50 Magnitude of gold stock opportunity

2:49 “This period of time reminds me a lot of 1998: dotcom boom”

4:14 Gold investor sentiment at BMO & PDAC

6:18 Projects gold producers are looking for

7:42 Mine build failures

10:12 A.I. to make up for lack of human talent in mining?

11:23 Toll milling/mining a red flag?

16:00 Binary choice: geology or management?

16:49 Binary choice: technical risk or political risk?

17:36 Gold: “I’ve never been so right, and not been so richly rewarded…yet”

19:54 Motivation to becoming a pro-activist investor?

21:37 What is reasonable compensation for a junior mining executive?

23:28 You must look a junior mining stocks as a venture capitalist

26:48 Don’t just look at the Lassonde curve

29:22 When a good project has too much baggage

31:46 Would you invest in a private company now?

33:09 Junior gold stock exit strategy

37:12 Non-gold commodities Michael is bullish on

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