“It’s Time to Invest in Gold Equities Which Are Screaming for Attention” says Jayant Bhandari

Mining Stock Education · “It’s Time to Invest in Gold Equities Which Are Screaming for Attention” says Jayant Bhandari

“It is a very exciting time. It is a time to invest in gold equities which have not really reflected the performance of the gold price…There are a lot of equities which are screaming for attention,” explains analyst Jayant Bhandari.

In this interview, Jayant gives his view on gold equities, how to value a junior mining company, why you need to internationalize your wealth, and three junior mining arbitrage opportunities.

Jayant Bhandari of Anarcho Capital, is constantly traveling the world to look for investment opportunities, particularly in the natural resource sector. He advises institutional investors about his finds. He was a Director on the board of Gold Canyon, a publicly-listed Canadian company, until its merger with another entity. Earlier, he worked for six years with US Global Investors (San Antonio, Texas), a boutique natural resource investment firm, and for one year with Casey Research. Before emigrating from India, he started and ran Indian subsidiary operations of two European companies.  Jayant runs a yearly philosophy seminar in Vancouver entitled, “Capitalism & Morality.”

0:00 Introduction

0:50 Gold

3:16 Why the divergence between the gold price and the equities?

7:36 Using a Discounted Cash Flow Model to assign value to a company

10:52 Effect of Canadian government increasing the capital gains tax

14:20 Opinion on current M&A: Silvercorp acquires Adventus

17:30 Diversification

20:57 Internationalization of your wealth

23:42 Biggest risk to your resource portfolio

27:10 Three Jr mining Arbitrage opportunities

28:52 Capitalism and Morality

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