FPX Nickel Advances Baptiste Project Engagement Initiatives explains CEO Martin Turenne

Mining Stock Education · FPX Nickel Advances Baptiste Project Engagement Initiatives explains CEO Martin Turenne

In this MSE episode, FPX Nickel CEO Martin Turenne explains why the company opened a community office in Fort St. James, British Columbia to further engage the local community as the Baptiste Project advances towards permitting.

“In preparation for our entry into the Provincial and Federal environment assessment next year, we are very pleased to establish a full-time, year-round local presence in Fort St. James to support our engagement activities for the Baptiste Nickel Project,” said Martin Turenne, FPX Nickel’s President and CEO.  “We are committed to advancing Baptiste in partnership with members of local communities, and to maximizing opportunities for employment and business development opportunities across the region and have established our Community Office as a hub to facilitate collaboration across all aspects of the Project.”

FPX has recently hired a full-time Fort St. James-based Community Manager, Jonathan Gibson, who is a community member and experienced in business development in the natural resource and construction industries, and who will manage Community Office operations.  Key priorities for the Community Office will be identifying business opportunities for local and Indigenous-owned businesses, and seeking local community feedback early so that this can be incorporated into the design of the Baptiste Nickel Project.

0:00 Introduction

0:43 Why the community office?

3:30 First Nations

6:05 The main FPX catalyst now

8:31 Mich project exploration in Yukon

13:05 Insider selling & buying

15:08 Treasury C$42M

17:42 Share buyback?

18:41 Pilot plant met work results

20:45 Nickel price commentary

Press release discussed

FPX Nickel PFS Presentation

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