$4.00/lb Copper Coming Soon Foresees Analyst Chris Berry

Mining Stock Education · $4.00/lb Copper Coming Soon Foresees Analyst Chris Berry

In this interview, independent energy metals analyst Chris Berry shares that we “could be looking at $4.00/lb copper relatively quickly, in the next couple of years for sure.”  He also address’ Tesla’s recent battery day and its implications on the mining sector.  Chris discusses what he sees as the biggest bottleneck hindering mass electrical vehicle adoption.  He also provides commentary on cobalt, nickel and lithium.  Furthermore, he shares his main takeaways from President Trump’s recent critical minerals executive order.  Chris Berry is the president of House Mountain Partners (www.DiscoveryInvesting.com).

0:00 Introduction

1:01 Elon Musk and battery day

3:49 How serious should mining investors take Elon?

5:53 What does Tesla’s vertical integration mean for miners?

7:34 Biggest bottleneck hindering mass EV adoption?

10:18 Cobalt commentary

12:15 More bullish on nickel or lithium?

14:06 $4.00/lb copper coming soon

14:50 Hydrogen vehicles: a major trend to watch?

16:16 President Trump’s critical minerals executive order

17:58 Another rare earths boom?

19:45 Info regarding Chris’ services

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