Ten Tips for New Resource Investors by Bill Powers

Mining Stock Education · Ten Tips for New Resource Investors by Bill Powers

Bill Powers shares ten tips for new resource investors.  These points of advice are what Bill has recently shared in conversations with investors brand new to the resource sector. Most of the points are cautionary and serve to warn new resource investors against incurring large losses via mining stocks.

0:00 Introduction

0:42 Have a multi-cycle outlook for your success

2:26 Don’t speculate with the rent money

3:15 Assess management’s incentives

5:55 Clearly articulate three reasons why you are investing in the stock and the timeframe needed to determine success

8:53 Clearly articulate three things that are most likely to go wrong

9:53 Decide what information sources you find useful, yet always still verify the information

12:24 Learn how the odds are stacked against you

14:14 Keep yourself inspired

16:36 Continually be educating yourself

18:11 Don’t confuse a bull market with brains

20:13 “There Might Be Gold” song produced by an MSE listener

2 Responses on “Ten Tips for New Resource Investors by Bill Powers”

John Becher says:

I am a 40 year oil and gas geologist. I have spent the last 9 months brushing up on my hard rock geology and searching for mining investments. I actually remember the Bre-x scandal, as I remember a geologist ended up falling out of a helicopter. I enjoy your website and the videos you have produced. I appreciate your honesty in this video with regards to understanding where and how some one is being compensated to spotlight or promote a company, be it the CEO or an interview! Keep up the good work.

Bill Powers says:

Thanks for listening and for your kind words. All the best.

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