How Rick Rule Could Have Doubled His Wealth

Mining Stock Education · How Rick Rule Could Have Doubled His Wealth

Looking back on his entrepreneurial and investing career, Rick Rule shares the key thing that he would do differently and which would have more than doubled his wealth.  Rick also discusses being an activist investor in the resource sector and whether most managers listen to investor feedback.  He shares how he played the move in copper juniors in February and explains why non-entrepreneurial investors may have an advantage over entrepreneurs who speculate in mining stocks.  Rick also discusses the expected higher capital gains tax in the U.S. and how a U.S. investor might deal with that.  Finally, Rick shares his goals with Rule Investment Media and reminds the MSE audience that he is still doing portfolio reviews.

If you would like Rick to review your mining stock portfolio, per the instructions he provided in the interview, reach out to him at:

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0:00 Introduction

0:53 “I’m a bit of a freak”

4:11 Non-entrepreneurial investors can succeed and perhaps have an advantage

8:11 Activist investor

11:52 Shouldn’t management listen to the little guy’s feedback?

13:35 How did you play the move in copper juniors in February?

17:18 How Rick Rule could have doubled his wealth

19:25 Better newsletter writer: geologist vs successful speculator?

20:38 How to deal with higher capital gains tax as U.S. investor?

23:41 Rule Investment Media & still doing portfolio reviews

One Comment on “How Rick Rule Could Have Doubled His Wealth”

Michael Joseph says:

Hello Bill. I really enjoyed this video with MINING ALLSTAR Rick Rule. I enjoy all your videos. Since the pandemic started last March, I’ve finally got serious about taking investing and speculating seriously. Thank you for all the knowledge you and your guests have expressed.
In this video, Rick mentioned a tier 1 deposit consists of ROCE>30%, 5M ounces in sitiu, and i forgot the third thing. My question is are there any other features for a tier 1 deposit?

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