Regenx Tech Corp: Precious Metals Recovery First Mover with Near-term Cashflow says CEO Greg Pendura

Mining Stock Education · Regenx Tech Corp: Precious Metals Recovery First Mover with Near-term Cashflow says CEO Greg Pendura

Regenx Tech Corp. (TSX-V: MWX – OTCQB: MWXRF – FSE:YRS) is a precious metals recovery first mover in the USA with near-term cashflow explains CEO Greg Pendura and President of US Operations Rick Purdy.  Regenx has proprietary clean technology which it is employing at its plant in Johnson City, TN to recover platinum and palladium from used diesel catalytic converters (CC).  Historically, smelting has been the dominate commercial method to recover Pd and Pt from used CCs. But smelters have a limited capacity, are environmentally hazardous and now refuse to accept diesel CCs due to the processing inefficiencies they create.  This opens up a projected US$39.3 billion per year used diesel CC market by 2025.

Regenx is poised to capitalize on the massive opportunity in the used diesel CC market via its processing and supply chain competitive advantages. First, Regenx has, via its proprietary technology, an ability to precipitate Pt and Pd into concentrate and recover about 90% of the metals in an environmentally-friendly manner.  Second, Regenx has an exclusive partnership with Davis Recycling which will provide more spent diesel CCs than the company will initially be able to process.

Regenx has just started its pilot plant in Johnson City, TN after proving the effectiveness of its technology in Vancouver. The pilot plant serves to optimize the scaling up to commercial production of eventually 10 tpd. Regenx will begin to procure equipment for the commercial plant this summer and hopes to begin commercial production later this year.  First year free cashflow to Regenx should be over US$10mm from its first plant. After the first plant is up and running the company plans to expand its processing capacity at its initial plant and then build and operate multiple plants throughout North America.

0:00 Introduction
2:34 What is Regenx Tech Corp?
3:28 Platinum & Palladium price expected to stay strong
4:35 Davis Recycling will supply used diesel catalytic converters
6:00 Pt & Pd recycling business a hard business to get into
6:45 Proprietary technology recovers 90% of Pt & Pd
8:14 Can a competitor steal your expected market share?
9:45 No environmentally permits needed
10:19 Near-term cashflow opportunity
13:34 US$20mm net profit in year one + growth plans
16:20 Abundance of diesel catalytic converters waiting to be recycled
17:08 Possible carbon credits with Regenx business model
17:47 Financing, capex
18:38 Inflationary or supply chain issues to overcome?



Tickers: TSX-V: MWX – OTCQB: MWXRF – FSE:YRS (tickers will change in June)

*Regenx Tech Corp was formerly Mineworx Technologies

2 Responses on “Regenx Tech Corp: Precious Metals Recovery First Mover with Near-term Cashflow says CEO Greg Pendura”

Ross Joyce says:

No mention on what the company’s intention is for the legacy mining properties, or not that i heard.
Intersting little company, I dipped my toe in today.

Bill Powers says:

The Iron Project in Europe is being sold to Iron Bull Mining (privateCo IPOing later this summer). There is a press release about that on the old Mineworx website. Cheers

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