“I’m in Junior Mining Stocks for 1,000% Gains” explains Rick Rule (plus why he crushed it in 2023)

Mining Stock Education · “I’m in Junior Mining Stocks for 1,000% Gains” explains Rick Rule (plus why he crushed it in 2023)

“I’m in Junior Mining Stocks for 1,000% Gains” explains Rick Rule. Plus, in this episode, you’ll learn why Rick crushed it in 2023. As usual, he offers numerous junior mining speculating insights and tips. A good portion of the interview centers around discerning the economic studies that developers publish and what an investor might do with those documents. Rick is also bullish O&G stocks, particularly in Canada.

0:00 Introduction

0:41 Are mines found or made?

1:22 “It’s not difficult to raise money for good exploration projects.”

2:54 Does flow-through financing possibilities tend to yield lazy executives?

3:54 Should inferred resources be able to be included in PEAs?

5:17 Is “optimization” of an economic study usually done for promotion?

7:15 Can you pick apart your own Rick-Rule-ism proverbs?

8:57 When price is not indicative of value…what do you do?

12:18 Would you invest in a developer that needs ore-sorting tech to be economic?

13:17 In this cycle will developers try to build mines based only on a PEA?

14:10 Vetting a DFS…how can it be done?

18:44 Outsized position sizing in a portfolio

20:08 Managing a jr resource portfolio through a recession & credit crunch?

22:32 Rick Rule bullish oil and gas & Canadian oil stocks

28:47 Bullish electricity as a commodity

30:38 Investing in both O&G and renewables is not a conflict (for Rick & Bill at least)

32:18 Improving economics of decentralized renewable systems

34:21 “2023 was pretty good for me.” Rick invests for 1,000% gains.

36:32 Rick’s upcoming (Oct 21st) Royalty & Streaming Bootcamp

Rule Royalty & Streaming Online Bootcamp (Oct 21st):

If you would like Rick to review your mining stock portfolio reach out to him at: https://ruleinvestmentmedia.com/

2 Responses on ““I’m in Junior Mining Stocks for 1,000% Gains” explains Rick Rule (plus why he crushed it in 2023)”

Carl Juhn says:

Hey, Great Episode. RR gave the example of Meteoric Resources ASX:MEI, where he explains what true „optimization“ looks like. MEI is working in the field of REE extraction from ionic Clays. But RR has not mentioned Aclara Resources, who are operating in the same field but with a truly optimized process with support from Canadian and Chilean universities, as well as Ansto in Australia. Feel free to research the company, which in my opinion has as much potential for commercialization as does MEI. But the Canadian investors have not yet grasped the commercial opportunity of REE extraction from ionic clays. TSX listed could be lagging in evaluation to the ASX listed companies in that space.

Well, I tried to keep it short. Let me know if you want to know more.
Btw. I am invested in Aclara as well as Meteoric Resources. Great new prospective investment opportunities.

Christopher Br says:


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