How To Make Your First Million Dollars via Junior Mining Stocks with Bill Powers

Mining Stock Education · How To Make Your First Million Dollars via Junior Mining Stocks with Bill Powers

Bill Powers explains how to make your first million dollars via junior mining stocks. In this 1-hour MSE episode, you will learn:

-How to think like a junior mining insider

-The quickest way to uncover potential mining 10-baggers

-Why the Three “I”s are better than the 9 “P”s

-How to make, and keep, your first million-dollar gain

0:00 Introduction

4:08 Future results of speculations are uncertain

6:08 S.A.D process

10:35 Develop an efficient sifter

12:38 Flawless junior mining investments don’t exist

16:06 Triple-I Sifter

18:13 Igniters: what will move the stock price up?

25:41 Igniter: commodity price rise

31:48 Igniter: marketing / promotion

37:44 Igniter: value recognition (perceived or actual)

43:46 Incentives: what motivates management?

52:23 Inhibitors: what will cap the share price?

58:28 Final thoughts

2 Responses on “How To Make Your First Million Dollars via Junior Mining Stocks with Bill Powers”

Jon Paradowski says:

Hi Bill,

I love your podcast and listen to every episode. I enjoy your unbiased way of interviewing guests. Even if you disagree you allow them to share their views.
I enjoyed this recent episode about your methods of analyzing a company and your SAD process.
I was curious as I’ve also experienced bad actors in my junior mining investments. You mentioned one fellow who is involved in several companies and is always focused on making money for himself and not aligned with shareholders, a psychopath. Is this Stephen Stewart you’re eluding to? My investment in ORX and then more research into the interconnections of the OREfinders group of companies stunk of corruption and greed. I cannot invest in any company with his involvement in ever again as he earned my distrust.
Thanks for your excellent interviews, keep up the great work.
Jon Paradowski

Bill Powers says:

Hi Jon,
Thank you for your comment and for listening to MSE. I really appreciate. it. I was not referring to Stephen. I was referring to another mining executive that has done several concrete demonstrable things, which including selling a junior company which shafted its shareholders while he pocketed millions. And he had huge conflicts of interest in the sale also.

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