Long Gold Miners and Silver for the Next Several Quarters says Analyst Michael Oliver

Mining Stock Education · Long Gold Miners and Silver for the Next Several Quarters says Analyst Michael Oliver

Analyst Michael Oliver believes the recent V-bottom in the gold miners is a near-term bottom. Once gold breaks through $2115/oz on a weekly close “it will launch and leave the earth.” As gold runs over the next several quarters Oliver foresees silver and gold miners outperforming gold on a percentage basis.  Michael also believes we are near a bottom in the commodities complex. Also, in Q2 of this year, he anticipates commodities, led by corn, wheat and beans, will begin to run.

Michael Oliver founded Momentum Structural Analysis.  He has developed a proprietary momentum-based method of technical analysis. Michael technically anticipated and caught stock market crash of 1987. It was then that he decided to develop his structural momentum tools into a full analytic methodology.

0:00 Introduction

1:44 Commodity complex upside emergence in Q2

6:10 Corn, wheat and beans to lead commodities bull run in Q2

7:20 Gold, silver, miners

9:25 Gold above $2115 weekly close “will leave the earth” and launch

15:28 Portfolio managers will move into gold miners

17:00 What about all the mistimed gold bull move calls?

22:04 Dr. Copper

23:39 US election year’s effect on market

28:46 Michael’s website & service

2 Responses on “Long Gold Miners and Silver for the Next Several Quarters says Analyst Michael Oliver”

John Law says:

You have demonstrated honesty and integrity in your podcasts. you are a great resource for us investors, thanks. However I must comment on Michael Oliver. It was good that you challenged him on his perma bull track record, however you let him slip by w/o a follow-up. He sidestepped the issue. He mentioned only people who bought at the top are complaining. No that’s not the issue. The issue is Michael is a gold feel good talker. Actually, somewhat of a XX artist. His message has always been gold is about to breakout and run. Never a different message. He is seductive and believable, but reality proves he just plays on gullible gold stock investors. Hold his feet to the fire!

Bill Powers says:

Hi John,
Thanks for commenting and for listening to MSE. I understand where you are coming from. I do think Michael offers value otherwise I would not have invited him on the show. Regarding the perma-bull calls, I brought that up for him to give his answer and then I let listeners come to their conclusion about him and his answer. He is my invtied guest so my style is not to be overly argumentative. I try to be a gentlemen with the way I “confront” on the show. I understand if my style is not for everybody. Again, thanks for listening.

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